October 30th, 2007


Tuesday night, clinging to Halloween

Hmm. Got 1500 words or so of new material written, so that was good. It plays into Jack the Ripper mythology a teensy bit, but fortunately that's ridiculously well-documented, so I just need to brush up on my facts a bit. Oh, and since a few people have asked, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo proper this year, since I finally realized that it just doesn't mesh all that well with my process--if only because my "process" (the best word I can think of to describe it, even though it seems kind of pretentious) is kind of unruly. I can write a lot in a short amount of time, or I can write steadily for a long period of time, but I can't do both at the same time. So right now, I've been trying to do the latter--keep writing on one project TO THE DEATH, but that doesn't mean I'm moving at NaNo speeds. I've been writing for two months and I'm hoping to finish up in 6-8 weeks, which may be ridiculously optimistic on my part; I don't know. I might copy any new material written after October 31 into a NaNo file just to see how many words it ends up being, but I'm not gunning for 50,000 new words so much as I am a complete, semi-polished draft--which is actually the antithesis of NaNo. So what I'm saying is, I'm doing something very similar, only over a course of several months instead of one. So I'm kind of here with you in spirit, but my deadline isn't so pressing.

Re: Hard Candy: Stay safe! Wear red! And don't forget your scalpel!

Halloween cocktails from Martha Stewart. Today's and yesterday's icons come from marthastewart.com images, by the way.

Snopes discusses the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode that was too "horrifying" to be shown in the series' initial run.

Ten Tales of Terror: Super-short stories from six writers, including Neil Gaiman, with audio of the writers reading them as well. Except that I count more than six stories. Eh, it's all good. (Hee, "Zombie Cat.") Scroll down to the bottom for more audio as well.

(Writing-related: How Richard Russo wrestled an out-of-control novel into Bridge of Sighs.)

Is "Slutoween" Actually Scarier Than Halloween Ever Was? [Every Day Is Slutoween].

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Breaking news, by the way: Robert Goulet dies at age 73.

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