October 31st, 2007


Hippo birdy to me!

Happy Halloween, and happy birthday to this journal, which is four (4) years old today! (You all have brassyn to thank for giving me a code back in the day.) After reading the Tales of Terror I linked to last night, I sat down and wrote a little story that's been on my mind for a while. It's a lot longer than the thirty-second stories, although it's only about 700 words. If I can figure out how to record something, I'll see if I can post audio of myself reading it later. I mean, just in the spirit of the thing. So, enjoy, link to it if you like it, that sort of thing. I think it'll be called "The Hot Door," although I'm not sure. Collapse )

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Still Halloween, yays!

For some reason, a second story came to me today. It's a shade longer than the other one, so: here you go. Now that I'm back upstairs for the evening (and I spent an hour or so this afternoon practicing), I'm going to record both stories later, but it'll have to be after our few treaters have trickled away, or else we'll have doorbells on the audio file. "Strength," by the way, is in the title because it occurred to me that the story kind of played into the reverse of that tarot card, and that it would kind of be fun to write a series. Collapse )

P.S. Regarding the previous story: I like the tension of open endings better than resolving things in stories this short, but if you go back to the previous story, I did actually use a word, a single word, that should give you an idea of exactly what the woman found in her house. The story isn't really about "Ooo, guess what it really was"; it's more about, "Okay, so that's what it really is, and there's nothing she can do about it."

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