November 4th, 2007

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Sunday evening already?

So, here's what's new in the world of L'affaire Lexicon:

soleta_nf remembered Steve Vander Ark saying at Convention Alley 2004 that "his real reason for starting the lexicon was that he knew JKR would be publishing an encyclopedia someday, and he hoped that, by having already created one, he would be the person she approached to help her with it." Apparently this ambition goes back as far as 2000 as well. vorpal_blade at JF also recalled SVA saying at Prophecy 2007 that "Jo didn't know her world as well as the fans did and that they owned it now, not her," of which we also have video ("I'm going to teach you a spell: expelliepilogus!"). He's also on video comparing JKR to Umbridge. The reference on RDR Books' website to Hiroshima was removed, but not before it was screencapped. The book may have had a British publication date of tomorrow, November 5, but since I also read that the British publisher is cooperating with WB, it's unlikely that it'll go on sale tomorrow.

And then... Steve released a statement.

Meanwhile! Wearable Sculpture is now Wyrding Studios, Stardust illustrator Charles Vess needs your help proving that a statuette without "big muscles, big breasts or big guns" can sell, and we have a few reader requests:

foresthouse created a Flickr group for Neil Gaiman-inspired costumes and creations (which Neil himself mentioned on his blog).

unheardpublic: "Chipotle, the mexican fast food restaurant chain, hosted a 30 second commercial spot contest for universities around the nation and they just announced the 12 finalists. Well, I happen to be one of them. The rules are that the video with the most views on youtube wins, so if you could link my video in your spam, I would SO appreciate it (you have no idea how much more I will love you). Enjoy and thanks so much."

katieupsidedown has one last sociology poll, if you could help her out.

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Seriously, it's a really, really good linkspam. A five-day backlog'll do that for you.

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