November 20th, 2007

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Tuesday night... something

Was not as productive today, but still got good work done on chapter 7. I realized that it breaks down into two long dialogues, two short...ish dialogues, and two non-dialogue (uh... mostly) scenes. Too much dialogue? I don't know... I find that I'm prone to writing really long talky-only scenes when given free rein. I guess I'll deal with editing that down after the Mostly Final Draft (Before Polish) is finished. I just really like revealing things through dialogue, for some reason. Maybe I'm a frustrated playwright.

stepliana needs your help: "Would you mind throwing a link to a poll I have in my journal in somewhere in your next linkspam? It's about regional differences in the 'Miss Suzie/Lucy/Mary had a steamboat' song, I want to see if the lyrics you learn to the song are due to where you grow up, or if it's something else."

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