December 13th, 2007

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Sister Girl's in her bed crying because "the pain in her legs has gotten so bad" (I'm not sure what this is about, but the phrasing sounds like it's a chronic condition--from standing on her feet at work all day?) and she feels "really really hot, but really really cold at the same time." The latter indicated fever to me, so I went and got Advil (which, actually, is all we have on hand, I think). Is there something obvious I should do for her that I'm overlooking? I told her I'd check on her in half an hour.

ETA: Oh, shit, my mother thinks it's the flu.

ETA 2: Aw, hell, doctor says it's the flu.
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If it's breakfast, it must be Thursday night

Not much tonight--since I got up with Sister Girl and her flu last night, I didn't get a lot of sleep, and I sat downstairs with her today as well. The doctor's got her on a few things to help the symptoms (I'm not sure--can you actually treat the flu itself? Is it viral? Whatever he's got her on, I trust him), and her legs have stopped hurting. (Yes, apparently it's that flu.) My mother's exhausted from also sitting up with Sister Girl and holding a cold compress to her head, and then trying to coordinate tomorrow's office Christmas luncheon, so we're both going to try to go to bed ASAP.

That said, I posted the third part of the Golden Compass earlier today at m15m (I should have said something earlier, actually). Enjoy--just send me good not-getting-flu thoughts.

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