December 14th, 2007

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Friday night, twenty-nine and sad

Horoscope of Eerie Aptness: More than ever before, today you will notice the fabric of the community around you -- and your place in it. Everyone around you has an effect on your day, and this could be either a good thing or a bad thing. One car cutting you off might make you a few minutes late for work, but one person holding the elevator door could put you face to face with the person of your dreams for seven floors. Enjoy the unpredictable nature of how strangers and friends can influence the path of your day.

So... today was not a good day. Pretty much the only things that made it bearable were the Golden Compass parody being fairly well received and doing a little good in the world while it was there, and birthday wishes from y'all (thank you so much). It was just the kind of day where I spent all it of doing things I didn't want to do, and I didn't pipe up and say so because I'm a coward leery of conflict. (Apparently birthdays are a time to exercise restraint. Although I should add that Sister Girl and her best friend got lunch for the three of us, which was nice.) I spent a lot of time trying not to cry. A lot of it, too, is just that I get depressed on my birthday anyway, because it's never what I want it to be like, so I asked myself, what do I want it to be like? Because if I can figure that out, I should get off my ass and try to make it that way. And one of the things I figured out is that I basically want to fall down a rabbit-hole of one-day-only fabulosity, a day full of good luck and marvelous serendipity. (I actually had a couple of birthdays like that as a kid--you know, when everything just went right.) Which is to say, I picked something to want that I have no control over, because I'm just that good at setting myself up to fail.

I did get a book on World's Fairs, though, which I need for the first Black Ribbon but will be super important in the second, and--well, y'all know how crazy I am about dolls:

I would have been wonderfully surprised... if I hadn't seen the box arrive with the mail a couple of weeks ago. This is why it sucks to be the designated getter of mail. As it was, I was just surprised that I got it now instead of Christmas. So there was that, I guess.

ETA: BRIDGE TO THE STARS, WHEE! This could be so good for projectdownload, you don't even know.

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