December 18th, 2007

msauvage purple

Tuesday night, a little bleary

Yesterday was Sister Girl's Birthday (Traditional), which we celebrated with presents and a family dinner; Saturday was Sister Girl's Birthday (Observed), because it's hard to go out drinking on a Monday. So that's where I've been--not that I went out with her and her friends (she's seven years younger than me), but there were various birthday-related things that also had to be attended to. And I spent Saturday mostly keeping my mother company while she made her famous marshmallow fudge and helped her put up some more of her Christmas houses.

(I just got a fresh pair of light, comfortable, cheap-ass Sony headphones! Huzzah!)

Also, the TOTALLY AWESOME IMAX Joker bootleg got taken down. Fortunately, I saved it first. Search "FLVPlayer" at if you need one. I'm once again behind on the linkspam--it's not the number of entries per week that I look at, really, it's the amount of RSS feed entries I have to slog through that tells me I'm behind--but it's going to have to wait a bit more because I'm also behind on the Golden Compass icons, which will also benefit projectdownload, and... Erin's had another seizure. So I need to get at least half a dozen done so I can have a couple of days' worth to post (they're going to be a teensy bit... hidden. You'll see).

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