December 31st, 2007


Happy New Year's!

I've had The Twilight Zone on since this morning--it's the New Year's Sci-Fi Channel marathon, and for some reason I find that as fun and comforting as most people do A Christmas Story. Not going out tonight, which I know objectively is kind of lame, but--I really kind of like staying in on New Year's Eve. I don't know why--but as long as I have it to myself (I remember one flu-ridden New Year's that involved a death-march game of Monopoly I'd rather not repeat) with something fun to drink and The Twilight Zone, I'm happy as a clam. So basically, I'd either like to go out and have fun with people or stay home and have fun by myself, pretty much no in-between.

I've spent the day cleaning as well--not even out of any urge to "start fresh," but rather out of pure necessity, because I can't move in here. It's like I woke up and realized that everything on this side of the room needed to be on that side of the room, and everything on that side of the room needed to be on this side of the room. I have too many DVDs, so I'm recolonizing a cabinet. I've cleaned off a shelf for my Black Ribbon-related books so that I can have them close at hand, all in a row, when I need to check something. My closet is stuffed with stackable plastic drawers that I'm emptying and setting up in the bedroom itself so that I have more room in the closet--and I'm moving the hanging shoe rack from the back of the closet to the front. You know, so I can reach the shoes. (It's a walk-in, which is a huge luxury compared to the, uh, NO CLOSET I had in my room as a kid. I had to go down the hall to get to my own clothes, and the closet I did have was about two feet deep at that. Of course, this was probably for the best, because I'm not sure inveterate magpie-packrats need to be given the free rein of a walk-in closet. It's kind of like the Mines of Moria in there now, is all I'm saying--the dustbunnies delved too greedily and too deep.) One stack of drawers is now a makeshift vanity--all I have to get now is one of those round revolving mirrors to set on top--and I threw out a ton of old makeup, which was hard to do. Among the items that went trashward was Baby's First Powder Compact, because it was fifteen years old. I hate throwing things away because it feels wasteful--you know, that's a perfectly good tube of lipstick someone gave me in a free makeup kit that one time, even though it's a hideous color and it's kind of dried out to boot. But I feel terrible actually tossing it... which is why I'm up to my ears in junk. So one of my--well, I wouldn't say it's a resolution, exactly, but I am trying to give myself permission to be "wasteful" and let go of things. Raggedy old shoes I haven't even worn in ten years anyway, stale boxes of tea, bottles of fragrance "splash" that I never liked in the first place... throwing it all away feels both icky and liberating. I'm just going to try to train myself to enjoy the "liberating" part more. So I'm going to keep moving and cleaning, probably over the course of the week, and see if I can't see the floor by Saturdayish.

Hmm. Not sure what to do for dinner, but I have two options for New Year's drinkage: bust into the tin of Serendipity Fr[rr]ozen Hot Chocolate mix that Sister Girl gave me (pros: chocolate, fun; cons: do I really want to bust out the blender?) or try mixing this awesome white grape/peach juice with rum and some crushed ice (pros: white grape/peach is so awesome; cons: not chocolate). I suppose I could do both over the course of the evening, but... that would just be... decadent. Thoughts?

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