January 10th, 2008

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Bad tornadoes coming through the South at the moment--my internet connection has not been the most reliable today, so this is just me checking in to say that we're fine, but this might be the only time you hear from me today.

Oh, and since this is a good opportunity to post a couple of things without losing them in the clutter (or creating even more):

The Cassie Edwards reference-book plagiarism exposé hits Publishers Weekly; Signet claims what Edwards did isn't wrong; Cassie Edwards claims she didn't know copying was wrong, then puts husband on phone to say she doesn't "lift passages" at all. All of this is from yesterday, so if there are any updates, I haven't seen them today (again, the internet connectivity problem). By the way, Smart Bitch Candy explains at the second link: "In short: plagiarism is an ethical issue. It’s concerned with what’s right and what’s not. Copyright infringement is a legal action, and is a way for somebody whose works have been infringed to say 'Bitch where my money?' It’s concerned with what’s legal and what’s not." Yes, there will be a quiz tomorrow. ETA: RWA Reponds to Plagiarism Accusations; Smart Bitch Sarah says, "I agree with Jane [from Dear Author] and Nora Roberts that the best option for rage and ire is to write reasoned, precise letters to Penguin, Signet, et al, and explain your reaction to their statement, and why you're so upset. It's one thing to vent on a blog. It is a much bigger thing to contact the people who run the company and let them know how upset you are, and your reaction to their statement regarding Cassie Edwards' novels."

Re: Empress Sissi: nc_bookworm did a catalogue search for me and came up with the following: Collapse )

And finally: Erin's dealing with seizures while waiting on her surgery, but she is asking people to continue with the MegaUpload clickage. Given the speed with which they capitulated on the $100 (I don't know if she's gotten it yet) after--I'm assuming--people raised hell (and probably threatened to reveal the owner's shady past) last time, it's probably worth keeping on.

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