January 17th, 2008

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T-minus 23 hours

My mother, as you may or may not have noticed, loves monster, alien and disaster movies. Cloverfield, therefore, is a natural for her, and somehow, she actually proposed that we go tomorrow for the main 7 pm showing. On opening night. After dinner. I don't understand it either, but nor am I going to question it.

"So you want me to go ahead and buy the tickets?"

"I wasn't going to buy them until we got there."


"Do you really think a lot of people really going to go?"

[Full minute of bogglement.]

"Really? "

"Look, fine. We'll go out there tomorrow, and then we'll come right back home because it's sold out."

She had me buy the tickets.

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Meanwhile, Alabama folks get a little flaky when there's talk of snow: "A Birmingham hardware store digs into storage to prepare the sleds. If you want to believe the North American Mesoscale weather forecasting model, Birmingham could be blanketed with 5 inches or more of snow on late Friday night and Saturday morning from a major winter storm." This would bring the city TO ITS KNEES, let me tell you.

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