January 21st, 2008

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Monday night, jonesing for cake

I forgot to mention the other day--that interest in scrapbooking stayed with me shamefully and then sturmclan, who actually designs digital scrapbooking elements, got hold of me (hee). I'm broke, so I'm only interested in what I can make--digitally--with what I have (Photoshop 6.0, a folder full of random backgrounds, tons of pop culture media images). But we started talking, and she and I are both interested in topics and layouts that move away from the cookie-cutter One Photo and a Lot of Frippery style that you see all over the place. sturmclan in particular is interested in getting people to incorporate journaling into their layouts, so, you know, people will actually have any idea what the page is about ten years from now. Since I already journal so much, I'm interested in tying layouts into existing entries or interests, maybe pulling a few quotes, and putting thumbnails into my Cleoland wiki. Example: I made a wiki page for Cloverfield, listing major entries I wrote on the subject, outside links, and then a thumbnail of the scrapbook page I made for it (shut up!) with a quote pulled from my writeup. So it works side-by-side with the LJ entry (and the wiki entry) itself. But I think it'd also be fun to scrapbook poems or short fiction as well--like the "Bell Donner" story I posted on Halloween.

(Note: My layouts tend to be extremely geometrical, since I don't know how to do fancy things in Photoshop. I mean, I know how to tilt things, but... haven't really thought of anything interesting to do with that yet. I tend to approach it as you would a literal scrapbook: here's a stack of things I want to paste into it, so what's the most appealing way to do so? I'd like to branch out, obviously, but... I'm just saying, be prepared. Geometrical. Kind of how it is at the moment.)

Actually, this wasn't even the first scrapbook page I ever did. The night or so after I first mentioned the Biggest Scrapbooking Scandal of 2007 Omg, I started fooling around with something else.

The wiki entry will provide credit and context for future viewings, obviously.

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