January 27th, 2008

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SAG Awards 2

Commercials: Two fish sandwiches for five bucks? I'm not sure you could pay me to eat fast-food fish sandwiches, honestly. Blair Underwood may or may not actually be on the premises, but he would like to share some clips with you to illustrate the fact that old-school silver screen actors worked twenty-four hours a day for bread crusts uphill both ways before they had SAG. Just so you know.

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yahoo oscars2

SAG Awards 7

Please welcome Kate Hudson in... wow, I'm not even sure I can describe this one. Also Matthew McConaughey, who is totally stroking her back where (theoretically) no one can see. Male lead actor! Collapse )

ETA: The awards run again at 10 pm (CST)--basically, there's an hour of something else between airings, so it'll start up again in about half an hour.

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