January 29th, 2008

yahoo winter

How is it already 10:30?

So I've spent my evening screencapping Cloverfield commercials (icons, cough), how was yours?

(Question: When people do text-only icons, you know, and the quote or text or whatever takes up the entire space and is, I might add, completely legible, what fonts do they tend to use? Because I'd like to use something a little less pixelly than Silkscreen, and I don't really have time to wade through the 2500 fonts on my hard drive. "Hey! That one doesn't even have letters!")

P.S. Verdict on last night's discussion: 1) It's not unreasonable to feel that "This sucks!" is a teensy bit unhelpful; 2) that said, you can't really shut yourself off from negative criticism, even if it's unhelpful, because one day it might be helpful, so... it sucks to be you, and by you I mean me, if you haven't toughened up yet, basically.

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