March 11th, 2008


Checking in

Sorry I dropped off the map there for a couple of days--we've had some updates in the Lexicon case, and I've been tied up with that. Today it looked like there would be a jury trial (!), until we realized that the court filing was actually saying that a request for a jury trial (as opposed to a judge-only bench trial) had to be submitted by March 14, not that a jury trial was already set. Unless that request is made, there's going to be a bench trial March 24-26, which was the announcement that spawned the initial update. We've also discovered what I consider to be some conflict-of-interest shenanigans involving RDR Books, the Stanford Fair Use Project, and something called "The Right to Write Project" at the Women's Center for... (wait for it) ...Ethics in Action. (Am I just crazy? Naive? Does there not seem to be something wrong about starting up a vaguely named "free speech" fund, of which Roger Rapoport--the "RDR" in RDR Books--is president, to make sure that FUP gets paid, rather than just saying, "Here, please contribute to a defense fund, since we're doing this pro bono"?)

Meanwhile, on a different subject, someone's spoken to Erin, and she hasn't had her surgery yet--she's in a holding pattern until the seizures are under control.

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