April 6th, 2008


This is so bad

Oh my God. I just found out that we're going to have to pay $6200 in taxes--in part because we didn't realize they weren't withholding them already from my stepfather's military pension or whatever it is. We're going to get about half of that $6200 back, but that's the problem: we have to pay it all first in order to get any back. And this is on top of the $5000 air conditioner which I still believe was a gigantic ripoff, although it is very nice. I have no idea in the world where we are going to get all this money from, and neither does my mother. Well, she has ideas, but they involve loans and eBay. So... uh. I will be putting some things up for sale shortly. Mostly collectibles I'd been holding on to in hopes they'd appreciate a bit. But I also have a few M15M hardbacks (< 10), and a number of paperbacks (~20, maybe). They're not doing me any good, and since a lot of people can order from the UK but have told me they don't want to, well... this would be your chance.

ETA: I think there's some kind of payment plan involved--a good bit of it upfront, and then six months (?) to pay the rest of it. But then we also have six months to pay off the new air conditioner, and last year the oven died, and I think we have until November to pay that off. It's probably something like $12,000 over the course of the next six months, all told. Yeah, we're horrified. Oh, and we don't qualify for the economic incentive--we make just enough to get ourselves into trouble, basically.

Also, I have some BPAL from 2004 - 2005 I'd meant to sell, I think. Maybe it'll be worth more now that it's aged a bit--pity none of it's Snake Oil, because I hear that's fantastic after a couple of years.

As for the books, I have more than I need for myself, but not enough to go around, really. I'll probably throw the hardbacks onto eBay and see what happens (if you want 'em signed, obviously I can do it, since they're coming from me, but I'll wait until the buyer tells me what they want it to say). I don't know whether I'll set a price (via the Buy It Now option) for the paperbacks or just see what happens.

And of course, if I put anything else on eBay--I have an extra copy of the loaded Snow White DVD Disney put out a while back, for example. You know, random things like that, and a couple of LOTR collectibles--I'll link it here.

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Times is hard

Did a lot of Black Ribbon research this weekend, and got really excited about a couple of things I found, and then... the taxes. Woe. That kind of harshed my buzz.

(Do you ever have something really dumb and inconsequential happen, but when it comes on top of something else epically crappy, it's like it's just the cherry on top? Yeah. As I've mentioned before, I'm addicted to Webkinz. Shut up. You play World of Warcraft, I play with animated plushies. Anyhoo, the pink poodle's the pet of the month. I got one. And then it turned out that I'd gotten the little pink poodle and so it didn't count, and therefore I didn't get the special in-game POTM items. Oh, and we've got to come up with $12,000 over the next six months. * Yeah. Completely inconsequential cherry on top.)

* Note: As mentioned in the previous entry, only $6200 of that is taxes. The rest comes from various household things we're paying off.

However, we are now going to drown our sorrows in homemade brownies. Also, I had gotten the 2-disc Sweeney Todd before I realized that we're screwed financially, so I'm clinging to that at the moment.

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