April 14th, 2008


Tortellini is rumored for dinner

Sweet Lord, today has been a little bit crazy. I didn't expect that we'd get quite so many testimony leaks so quickly from the trial, because obviously I have never been on the internets before. JK Rowling testified today, and here are, essentially, the highlights (specific citations are at the FW entry, which I'm still updating):

Collapse )

By the way, y'all may want to fan out and watch the various late night shows tonight--given that the Lexicon case has already turned up in Conan's monologue, God knows what'll happen now that the news is actually covering it.

Meanwhile, the linkspam I have on hand, because I've still got 200 unread comment notifications in my inbox, and the FW comments are where the links come from in the first place: Collapse )

ETA: The rumors were unfounded... it was ravioli. Man, I feel so much better now.

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