April 26th, 2008

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I hope this isn’t what it looks like

Several people have emailed me about this--both Erin's journal, redscorner, and projectdownload have been deleted. We never did hear about the outcome of her surgery, or if she had it at all. I'm desperately trying not to jump to the worst conclusion here--does anyone know what happened?

ETA: Just to clarify something: I feel responsible for bringing Project Download to people’s attention, and therefore I feel responsible for finding out what’s going on now. That’s my angle here. If I’ve been misled and have, in turn, misled a ton of other people, I’m pretty much never going to be able to help anyone else on this kind of scale again. I mean, just in terms of sheer accountability to y’all--I will never be able to justify dragging everyone into it again. So I need to know. It’s my hope that Erin got tired of people asking if she’d had her surgery yet, when she herself was also frustrated that she hadn’t been able to have it; she’s gotten upset and deleted things before. But as for “living under a microscope,” when you ask for help from people, there’s a certain amount of accountability they deserve in turn. If you’re telling the truth, you have nothing to fear. If Erin is reading this, I just want to say to her that if she is telling the truth--I know being questioned constantly has got to be tiring and demoralizing. But most of us involved with the project want to know out of concern. People who have given you support just want to know if you’re okay, or worse, or still waiting, or what. We’re emotionally involved now, that’s all. And I don’t want to doubt you--I just have to consider every possibility, because I have people who deserve accountability from me.

ETA 2: They're both back now?

ETA 3: Erin’s posted a new entry.

ETA 4: Erin’s ending the project and deleting the community.

ETA 5: She's deleted and reposted something else.

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So... it’s been a while...

Annotated "Dracula" on Wednesday; wrote as much on "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Hidalgo" as I could without the internet (which turned out to be surprisingly little, compared to the other parodies--only 50 notes or so each). Ended up taking Friday and Saturday off, because my eyes had started burning and a bit of the vertigo came back (congestion related to allergies, I think). Probably best not to get burnt out this early in the process. And then someone actually sent me the Webkinz black cat I was going to get for myself, which was a really nice surprise (hee!). So... basically, I'm going to pick another one to look forward to while I slog through, because I'm just that lame. Heh.

Also, I need to start drinking more often, because I had a glass of white merlot with dinner, and I'm a little woozy now. (Maybe I'm just not used to the feeling anymore, I don't know.) Maybe I will instate a quota of one (1) Woodchuck Amber per evening or something (I hate the taste of beer), because this is just sad. My favorite drink in college was Long Islands, y'all. And if nothing else, you'll have 100% more annotational entertainment as I attempt to work while toasted.

Oh, Jillian emailed me the other day--"The Extreme Makeover Home Edition show has announced email casting/nomination for Illinois and the more people to send in nominations for us the better." The entry with details at Christina's journal: "The TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition is casting for the state of Illinois. We have sent in the application but I need the help of my friends and your friends if possible. I only have until May 7 to get as many letters to the producers to try to get our family chosen." She also describes what they need--why they'd like to get on the show.

Another entry from Erin (see previous entry), and it's not good this time. ETA: She's deleted and reposted something else.

More linkspam--I apologize for the sheer massiveness of it, but various crapnesses got in the way of posting. You may want to at least give the headlines a cursory skim, because there's some really good stuff in there. Collapse )

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