May 6th, 2008


Tuesday night, meh

Until I get these annotations finished (please God SOON), I'm going to post only what I consider to be the ESSENTIAL linkspam--things that I personally geeked out over and/or felt were semi-important. I tend to geek out over pictures or trailers, so... that's largely what's going to make it through. Maybe some videos of polar bears. Who knows. Collapse )

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Just a note

Two things that came up in the comments of the previous entry:

1. Ellen Page IS Jane Eyre (thanks, elbeonore). "Alison Owen of Ruby Films, who most recently produced 'The Other Boleyn Girl,' is working with BBC Films to develop the new adaptation of Bronte's classic 19th century romance." OH HELL NO.

2. This thread:

crumpeteer: I'm waiting for the action figures. But really they won't have much action except to mope around and pine over Bella.

cleolinda: Edward would definitely have Sparkle Action, though.

crumpeteer: Most embarrassing moment in vampire lore EVER.

cleolinda: I hereby swear (holds up hand) that if I write a 15M for this movie, I will try my damnedest to work in the line, "I have begun to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion."

crumpeteer: And I'll want an icon of that.

cleolinda: Done!

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