June 27th, 2008

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Y'all, our fridge just died.

It's under warranty at Sears. Sears can't come fix it until July 9th.

We found someone who can fix it today. They want $75 just to walk through the door.


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The washing machine
My computer
My sanity

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msauvage purple

Not the most scintillating story, but I have a headache, so...

I have had a bad day. I'm not even sure if the epic saga of my bad day is worth telling--well, what the hell, why not: Collapse )

While I was cursing out the computer (those of you who chose "D) My computer," come and collect your winnings!), my mother called. While we were cleaning out the fridge and bitching at each other, just because, I mentioned this comment, because I was a little surprised that she was taking the whole July 9th thing lying down. (To recap/catch you up: Sears can't come out until JULY 9TH to fix the fridge, which is under warranty, so we paid an independent whoever $75 to just come take a look at it. Turns out the compressor's frozen, "which is really kind of rare, actually." Thanks, Fridge Guy. He can replace it for $750, or [and this was his recommendation, honestly] we could wait for Sears to do it at no charge. My mother despaired and decided to wait, because y'all know how bad this year has sucked for us financially.) So later this afternoon (computer cursing, etc.), she calls me to say that she thought it over, and she decided to call Sears.

I'll wait while you go make some popcorn. Collapse )

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