July 1st, 2008



Thought #1: I noticed a song that really caught my ear, so to speak, in the scene in Wanted where Fox picks Wesley up outside his office (you know, where he's all giddy about quitting his job and all), and I caught enough of the lyrics to do a search. Except that I could not find a single song that matched--I'd assumed it was an existing song they'd just put on the soundtrack. Finally I got the bright idea to check the soundtrack listing on Amazon, and what do you know--it's a Danny Elfman song called "The Little Things," which I presume he wrote for the movie, since he also scored it. And I really love it. Good times.

(I would love to discuss how much I loved that crazy silly movie, but I almost don't even want to spoil the awesome bits for you. Some of which I left out of the Fifteen Minutes on purpose, by the way.)

Thought #2: In addition to trying to wrestle fifteen annotations into submission, I started to wonder if maybe $10 would be a more appealing price than $15. As in, maybe only put together ten annotations and save the rest for later. I already have 17 online "Fifteen Minutes"--two more than when I started annotating in April--anyway. It would make more sense to pick only ten than choose two to drop. That, and I had been angsting way too much about having to revisit Hannibal (not exactly my favorite piece of work).

(Thought #2b: We are, in fact, going to have to replace the dishwasher--I'd forgotten: the door is about to fall off--but it's not a priority until it actually falls down dead, and even then we can wash dishes by hand. I'm just saying, fundraising is still very much stressing me the hell out on my mind. I hate thinking of things in terms of money, but--well, I probably need to learn to do it more, not less.)

(Oh, by the way--the Sears Fridge Guy came. The part we need is back-ordered, so unless my mother can prevail upon Manager Sayid to just switch out a new fridge with us [shpfff, likely], we're not going to have the fridge fixed until July 11th.)

So, my question is--I reserve the right to choose whatever ends up working best for me, but just as another factor to take into account, which parodies would you be most interested in reading the Pop-Up Video version of (so to speak)? I'm curious to see if something I wouldn't have expected might rank really high (or really low). (Note: Only room for 15, so I took off the Harry Potters--POA and GOF. They're almost done, and I'm sure they'd get voted in anyway.) Collapse )

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