July 11th, 2008

key to the kingdom

Mental health question

I'm curious--I'll get to what set off this train of thought later, but I know a number of people have talked about how they don't or didn't like Zoloft. For those of you who took it for a while and then went through the process of getting off it, what was that like? I'm thinking about transitioning off it entirely, and I'm curious about what kind of side effects that might involve. (Again, there's more to this that I'll get into later.)

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My day has been made. (I may or may not have helped talk Jessica into posting this--she was afraid of the Twihards. In fact, I may or may not have suggested that GFY send any angry fans to me. BRING IT IF YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT IT. BECAUSE IF YOU BRING IT, I WILL POLITELY TELL YOU THAT SNARK IS KIND OF WHAT I DO AND IF IT DOESN'T SUIT YOU THEN YOU MAY BE HAPPIER READING ANOTHER JOURNAL, AND IT WILL BE BROUGHTEN.)

(On the EW site itself: 'Twilight' hits Hollywood; Stephenie Meyer's vampire empire. Meanwhile, the LA Times reports fan outrage at the tackiness of the cover. No, I'm not kidding.)

ETA: New ‘Twilight’ Footage Unveiled! at MTV, because it is the movie that keeps on giving.

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