September 1st, 2008


Because it's Labor Day, y'all

And on the fourth day God said, "Bitch, did you just compare yourself to Me?", she rested.

(I'm not quite as limp as I was after recapping Breaking Dawn, but then I somehow--seriously, in retrospect, I do not know how--did the whole 750-page book in a day, but spread 264 pages of Midnight Sun plus large chunks of Twilight over three. So basically, I decided that my ass was going to lie abed and read magazines today.)

By the way, I am yet again swamped with email and comment notifications--I've tried to go through and answer or link everything that I flagged in my inbox, but odds are that a few (or several) things slipped through the cracks. So, uh, if you sent me a link or asked something and I didn't get back to you, I didn't ignore you because I hate you or anything.

I promised akathorne some philosophical meeblings on getting over guilt--the pointless, irrational, depression-related kind, I mean. If you shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, you're just shit out of luck on this one, my friend--so: Collapse )

Hey! Hey! You know what else I'm not going to feel bad about? MOAR TWILIGHT LINKSPAM! (No, seriously, I feel bad about posting so much of it so frequently. HEY AT LEAST THIS WAY YOU CAN SKIP IT IF YOU'RE TIRED OF IT. Real linkspam will resume tomorrow.)

This is so great that I'm just going to link it again. I seriously want to print out the first Edward panel (which also has a spectacularly... expressive Bella) and tape it to my desk.

'Twilight' reshoots: Why is Catherine Hardwicke filming again? Short answer: MOAR SPARKLE MEADOW! Also, a flashback with ye olde miniskirted Quileutes of... the '30s? (More set pics, including from the vampire prom reshoot; The Hair is on High Fangirl Alert; HEY COULD YOU DAZZLE US WHILE YOU'RE TRYING TO GET COFFEE?; what do you mean, we have to have golf clubs to stalk the production play golf?) (ETA: You may need to join ohnotheydidnt to see their links. I don't think membership is monitored; you can join/unjoin and no one will care.) Meanwhile: New Breaking Dawn FAQ; Jack’s Mannequin Get The ‘Twilight’ Treatment from author and now director Stephenie Meyer.

And now, I'm going back to dreamland for a little while.

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