September 13th, 2008

galadriel doll

Guys and dolls

People, there are going to be Twilight dolls. We must scour the internets to find out who is making them. I can't imagine they'd just be plastic "action figures," because it's not like boys are going to be the least bit interested in these things. No--due to the primarily female audience, these have GOT to be dolls. Dolls with the most boring wardrobes ever. And I am DYING to know who will be making them, because that will go a long way towards deciding whether I would endure the shame of buying any. Tonner, for example, would be a logical choice, if only because they could then reuse the Edward mold for a Cedric doll (with Bath-Taking, Boy-Hugging, Falling-Over-Dead action) in their Harry Potter line. But there are tons of companies who could do it--multiple companies could get licenses, actually. There is a whole terrifying range of dollness to contemplate--Collapse )

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