September 17th, 2008


So tired

Aw, hell. I've been sneezing a lot lately, and then today I came down with these weird alternating hot and cold spells. I don't know that I'm running an actual fever, but it sucks either way. It's probably allergies. But still--I am determined to not go into the month of October without finishing the annotated Fifteen Minutes thing because I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON IT LONG ENOUGH NOW, GOD. I have got to move on with life at some point.

(That's frustration with myself talking there, by the way.)

("Are you feeling guilty? YEAH YOU ARE!")

By the way, I'm recording another--different--podcast on Saturday, which should be fun. General subject: vampires in the media. Doing speaky-speaky stuff like this seems to help my confidence, so I'm going with it. Someday, I may actually bring myself to be sociable in real life, my God!

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