September 22nd, 2008


As usual, less productive than I had hoped

Please note that a good 70% of my Tonner announcement freakout euphoria earlier today was specifically doll-related. Remember, I already made my list of Ten Dolls I Would Like to See Tonner Make, so... this is all doll-collector crazy right here. Mostly.

(Since I mention a Susan doll in that top ten entry, here's pictures of the Narnia dolls Tonner pulled from their site [maybe they went back to the drawing board?]. Not only do I want them to actually get around to selling these, because I desperately want a Susan, but I also want them to make a Caspian so bad so I can buy him for her. I know, it's crazy, but for some reason I love Susan in the movies. [That's probably not how you expected me to finish a sentence beginning "I know, it's crazy," is it?] )

Also, in completely unrelated news, I created a media page on my little personal wiki, mostly as a scrapbook for myself so I can remember when people let me pretend I was someone important (whee!). So SUCK IT, WIKIPEDIA! Media outlets have occasionally mistaken me for someone notable enough to write about!


Whoa, where did all the linkspam come from? Collapse )

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