September 27th, 2008

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Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed dog

After Paul Newman this morning, I think we could all use some cheering up now.

So Sister Girl came over--the plumbing is out at her apartment, so she needed to wash some clothes and dishes, and with her she brought several new stories about Pete the puppy. First of all, here's a picture she sent me a while back of Pete in his new t-shirt:

It says "Wild Man." What you can't see is that on the left side, there is (apparently) "a small or baby werewolf." Apparently Pete is declaring himself to be firmly on Team Fursplode. (Also, keep in mind that this picture was taken from above Pete, so the perspective makes him look like his neck is as long as the rest of his body. Which is not, in fact, the case.) Collapse )

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*football mourning bonnet*

Woe, I am a football orphan (Alabama-Georgia game tonight, you see) and I can't go see Let the Right One In because the only two people who would have gone with me are working (and I can't drive, because I suck, or I would be on that like white on rice that goes to movies all by itself), and Word's autorecover function didn't recover jack after my computer crashed so I have to redo a day's work all over from memory, and every time I get to a footnote where I can kind of vaguely remember what I said but not really, I just get madder. So basically, I am feeling very sorry for myself. Except not really, because I'm actually in a fairly decent mood. I just feel like whining, apparently. Or pouting, I guess. So I will use an icon of the best pouter in the business.

Also, I would really like to write some True Blood recaps, but I'm not allowing it until I get some damn work done.


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