October 3rd, 2008

true blood

True Blood 1x02, "The First Taste"

I was good and got work done! Kind of. Uh. WE ARE GETTING BEHIND ON THE RECAPS, LET US DO MORE.

So, previously on "True Blood": Vampires have "come out of the coffin" (sigh). God Hates Fangs. The Woevolins ushered in a vampire and his SEXY VOICE to the little town of Bon Temps, and Anna Paquin seems to have lost her badonkadonk, but she is definitely a lady. And a waitress. And psychic. Also: vampire porn.

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Man, I am tired

So, first order of business: True Blood recap #2 went up earlier today, if you missed that.

Second: today's Journal Birthday flashback might as well be about the time Sister Girl made beignets.

Third: If you think Days of Our Lives was crazy, feast your eyes on Passions. Also: how the DOOL Salem Stalker/Bizarro Salem storyline ended.

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