October 8th, 2008


I crave sustenance

Hmm... today's Journal Birthmonth Flashback? Let's go with Tiny Moist Hand.

Tried to record a Halloween story reading; made one tiny stumble--but at a key line, unfortunately--so I can't put that take out. But I haven't been able to get the right voice back on any subsequent takes. I tried to warm up by desk-dancing singing, but somehow, that just didn't do it. I'll just have to keep trying, I guess.

Didn't have the most productive day ever, but soldiered away at the Prestige footnotes until finally I just said, "This is as done as it's gonna get right now, even though there are a couple that aren't ready, but screw it, I need to move on to something else." The POTO footnotes are going to be a lot of work to finish, I think (I've been skipping around the whole time), but at least it'll be something different.

(Trying BPAL's Dorian--which has been in my little storage chest for far too long--as a room scent. Not really sure it's working for me in that capacity. Need a bottle of High John the Conqueror, actually--my sample vial of that got me through the last three months of writing the 15M book, to be honest.)

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