October 20th, 2008



Wow, y'all. I need an internet brain vacation. The problem is, I don't have time for one--I have GOT to finish these annotations; it's just not even funny anymore, how long it's taking me. (Also, my grandmother's icemaker broke, and when she opened the freezer door, water poured out and ruined her old kitchen floor and now the tiles are twisting and buckling and she's going to trip over them and fall down again so we have to get it replaced ASAP and seriously, is there anything else, anything else, that the universe can think of throwing at us? Don't answer that.)

That said, I do feel fairly accomplished--even a little energized, except for this headache--that I actually caught up with the show and turned out three recaps in three days, good God. I wasn't even actually sure I could do it, but I thought, well, won't know if I don't try. The problem is, I've been under a lot of stress lately, and I've found myself getting really tense and cranky over the last three or four days. I was even going downstairs and my mother just happened to be there at the foot unexpectedly and I jumped about three feet. And then Shelby let out one of her piercing sonic barks and I jumped again, and my mother was like, "Well, you're on edge today." But I need the internet to fact-check my footnotes, and even if I did try to cut back on intarwebs interaction, I hate that feeling of missing out on things and falling behind on the news. So... I don't know. I'm just saying, I'll try to hold it together if y'all will forgive me for any crankiness.

Well, here's something to make us all feel better: Upside Down Dogs. I so need to get Shelby on this, she is a champion upside-down sleeper.

OH AND ALSO Sister Girl came over and spent three hours showing me old boy band videos on YouTube (I spent my entire childhood and adolescence completely immune to the charms of boy bands, which made me the weirdest girl in fifth grade), and we decided that this is THE GREATEST BOY BAND VIDEO EVER (That Did Not Involve Monsters):


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This is probably the most work I got done all day

I already got my chattiness out of the way earlier today, so let's just go with the Wide, Wide World recappish-type entry as today's flashback and jump straight to four or five days' backlog of linkspam, of which I have only selected the cream: Collapse )

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