October 21st, 2008


It's just a matter of time

Oh my God, you guys. I can't stop listening to "Step by Step." I thought NKOTB was stupid when I was eleven, and now I'm twenty-nine and I've gotten myself sucked into this shit? This is so wrong.

I will say, though, I think the reason I get sucked into this kind of thing is that I am addicted to things that make me laugh (uh... intentionally or not), and only more so when I'm stressed out (LIKE RIGHT NOW) or depressed. It's like this lifeline you cling to, or even just something to break up the tension--all I know is, nothing helps me perk up and settle down to work better like a good giggle over a cheesy pop song or a discussion of werecollies or the latest exploits of The Hair.

Speaking of which, after yesterday's post, I think it's time to bring you THE GREATEST BOY BAND VIDEO EVER (That Did Involve Monsters). Which they wouldn't let me embed. Ah, well: c'est la vie. Also, we established in yesterday's comments that The Jekyll/Hyde Guy in the Glasses Whose Hotness Deserves Way Better Than This is Kevin. Kevin Whoever, I don't know. My sister's favorite was A.J. (she named Bad Cat after him). Also, on the subject of my sister, she did the entire group dance from this video for me yesterday. Apparently she used to sneak into my room while I was away at college (because my VCR had the really good slo-mo/backtrack function) and practice. Also, she was still able to do the entire dance from--was it N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye"? They all blur together for me--perfectly.

And on that subject, let me ask: what THE HELL is this? You know how people say they were "rolling on the floor laughing"? Sister Girl had the chair at my desk and I was leaning over her shoulder watching this, and I actually ended up on my knees with my head in the laundry basket (oh, hey, I wondered where that sock went), I was laughing so hard.

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Still deskdancing. The *shame*

Why does my internet hate me? It takes two or three refreshes for any page to load, so the problem's got to be on my end. And I've run CCleaner and AdAware and all and can't find anything. Fnarr.

Also, Sister Girl wants you to know that Pete now has a lampshade on his head. You know, one of those cones they put around dogs' necks to keep them from chewing at stitches and whatever. "I'm going to have a satellite dog for a week," she moaned. "Well, maybe you'll get better reception now," I said.

Anyway, today's journal flashback: let's do that one time I went to see Derailed.

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