October 25th, 2008


The sunshine is back!

Well, I had a nice long sleeps this morning. Got up, got a nice big pumpkin for the Third Annual Valkyrie/Dr. Typo Pumpkin Carving Party, and then wandered around Publix buying cheap-ass shit I didn't really need, but there you go. I did pick up a really tasty-smelling "body mist" with "the seductive scent of cherry blossom, red apple pomegranate [this is apparently a single fruit now ], delicious peach and hints of pink lily." Also, it may be chock full of glitter. I may totally be planning to wear it to a certain movie next month. These reports, however, cannot be confirmed. I will spend the rest of the afternoon baking cookies for the party (don't get too impressed--the dough's from the store), playing with my favorite purple eyeshadow, and trying to convince myself to work in the few hours left. I will probably not succeed.

And because I feel really loopy: in today's flashback, you can learn the paternity of my thumb-sized baby. (He never did come to help me rescue it from my sister or the cat, either.)

ETA: Oh--what I ended up doing was sprucing up some of the silly wiki pages that I'm linking in the footnotes, which meant the Anna Dollerious page needed an overhaul, which then meant that I realized I never did icons for the last Secret Life of Dolls entry. Thus, here we are: Collapse )

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