November 4th, 2008

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Obligatory election post

Oh dear: Early voting heavy in Birmingham area.

And I'm not going until nine... maybe the line will have eased up by then, because people will have to be at work?

ETA: I voted. We didn't leave the house until ten--figured the lines would have dissipated a bit by then anyway (but you want to get in and out before the lunch-hour rush)--and there was about a twenty-foot line in the (small) library auditorium for each section of the alphabet, but it wasn't too bad. (Turns out you can't vote early--I mean, days or weeks in advance--in Alabama at all.) Took us about 30-40 minutes all told--the place was pretty busy, but not unmanageable. I voted for president, state senator, five or six amendments, and a few county positions where I actually knew what was going on, and left everything else blank, rather than just flip a coin. And I didn't vote for all one party, either.

Oh, and--I was voter #799. Sister Girl was #800.

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I hear there will be pizza for dinner

Ah, my eyelid twitch is returning.

And yes, in case you missed the previous entry: "OME" really does stand for "Oh my Edward." Like, not "OMG"... OME. I'm not making it up (am I ever making it up?).

There's a little more Twi-spam, but I'm holding it over for tomorrow. I'm not saying I'm going to do a separate Twilight entry every day (what do I look like, MTV?). I'm just saying that... where there is crazy, I will be there. And I kind of want to see how insane the Planet Hollywood thing turns out to be.

(Hey! Hey! You thought the Paramore playlist was bad? I now have a giant Roxette playlist for my new player. I HAVE NO SHAME.)

Non-partisan election links: Voters find 'we' not 'me' spirit in line; Voter: 'The best hour and a half of my life.'

VIDEO: Vote-Denied Tim Robbins Will Not Stand For this Election Chicanery!; Update: Tim Robbins Was Only Defending His Rights In His Polling Place Fit; Tim Robbins runs into voting trouble and did, in fact, have to "get a court order before he was allowed to cast his vote for president."

Goodnight, Dear Monster Lover [Forrest J. Ackerman]. "Forrest J. Ackerman, founder of seminal scifi/horror fan magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland, has been ailing for the past few days and is not expected to recover."

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