November 8th, 2008


Quick Twilight spam before the regular goes up

Once again: the day has slipped past me without my realizing it. And yet? I regret nothing, because it was a lovely, sunny, sleepy, do-nothing day.


Bella And Edward Hit The (Blood) Red Carpet. Or, "This is, in fact, what your hair looks like after wearing a cap for a week." (MTV Rocks L.A. With ‘Twilight’-Geared ‘Spoilers’ Taping: Here’s Ashley The Intern’s Special Report!; More premiere pics of people being adorable. I love that Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed are BFF now. Although, I shouldn't be surprised, since Rosalie spends most of the series hating Bella and the movie actors are, like, Opposite Planet Twilight. Well, except for Alice and Jasper. Ladies and gentlemen, start your shipper tinhats!)

A 100-page special issue? Really?

Yahoo Movies joins the bandwagon, sets up special section, posts exclusive clip.

Borders behind the scenes clip, new poster.

More pics added to the "EW Twilight Photo Album." The new photos start here.

The EW cover story is up and it is EPIC. Collapse )

Give me thirty seconds and the regular linkspam will go up.

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Done, finally!

Y'all, I discovered something today that blew my mind. I'd been suspecting it for a while now--you see yourself in the mirror every day, it's kind of hard not to--but I thought maybe I was just imagining it. Collapse )

Meanwhile! The Tonner Narnia dolls are back up again! And I think they've changed Susan's face! For the better.

(Coronation Susan's the one I want, but I checked with the girls, of course. They are interested in nothing but Twilight dolls these days, sadly. Anna could barely muster a "Hold out for one with the bow and arrows," and Eowyn dismissed the male Pevensies with a wave of her hand: "Yeah, those boys were fine in the movies. But that jailbait right there is not quality enough to risk Chris Hansen knocking on my door." Purple Arwen couldn't even manage that much: "Call me when Caspian shows up." I should have known she'd hold out for the exiled king.)

Also! Thanks from heyorion for y'all helping out with the synesthesia project.

Oh, and all Twilight spam has been quarantined to the previous entry.

More linkspam! Collapse )

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