November 22nd, 2008

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It has to be said

Guys? I just want to make something clear: I am not advocating that you go see Twilight and talk all the way through it or shout out bits from Growing Up Cullen or generally make people who sincerely want to see the movie miserable. Save the full-on out-loud MSTing for DVD or a theater with no one else in it, okay? Don't be Those Assholes. I would have said this sooner, but it didn't occur to me that I would have to.

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Walking out the door

T-minus thirty minutes until lunch! And after lunch, an hour of waiting in the theater for the movie to start and/or dodging Twihards! I SAY THIS IS A DAY WELL SPENT.

And then I will go home and start writing. Pray for me.

Tomorrow: recording the Made of Fail podcast.

Also, my mother would like you to know that she so is NOT a TwiMom, is NOT is NOT IS NOT. "I'm just saying that I can see why fourteen-year-old girls would like him! He looks like James Dean! HE'S YOUR SISTER'S AGE." Um, that has not stopped thousands of other women your age from acting a damn fool, Mom. (Should I twist the knife and show her some of the interviews?) So are you still sticking to this wanting-to-see-the-movie thing? "I just want to see it WITH YOU so you can tell me HOW STUPID IT IS." Wouldn't you rather see Quantum of Solace ? "Is he still blond? THEN NO."

‘Twilight’ Finishes Friday with $33 Million with ‘Bolt’ and Bond Battling for Second. On the bright side: it's the biggest opening for a female director ever.


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My thoughts on Twilight, let me show you them (II)

Actually, I don't have that many, because I'm still processing them. But? Collapse )

P.S. Brett the Vet's favorite part was the vampire baseball. And the Cullens in general. And Alice in particular, because she is awesome.

Oh, a message "from Rob and Kristen": apparently New Moon has officially been greenlit. God save us all. But especially Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, from the fans who will be stalking the set.


Suddenly, I understand why my as-yet-unchecked inbox is overflowing. Uh... welcome, readers of io9? I am one of you as well? I hope you come in peace?

ETA: Spoilers discussed in the comments.

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key to the kingdom

More from the Coraline Box of Mystery

I finally found the cord for the digital camera and sent the photos to my computer, and, uh... some of them turned out better than others. (I need to get my own camera, what can I say.) However, you can view the pictures here; the order is supposed to roughly approximate the experience of going through the box itself.


The label on the nail polish, by the way, reads "Twitchy Witchy Blue," and indicates that it was mixed--presumably for the Coraline puppet itself--in October 2007. And here's a picture of what the hat looks like in the movie.

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