November 26th, 2008


Happy Sparklemas!

The Made of Fail podcast is up! Aaaaand it's Twilight-themed, because you knew it would be, but we discuss the crazy-ass fan phenomenon as well as the movie--Kevin even threw a clip from the Stephenie Meyer Is Crazy interview in there. OH OH OH also? You know what you get? We were talking about the box office, so I went over to while we were recording, and you can actually hear the moment I found out they were saying that Twilight made $70M for the weekend (they've since downgraded that number a smidge, to, like, $69.99999M)--you hear this shriek of "JESUS CHRIST! OH MY GOD!" right in the middle of the podcast, and Dayna going "HOW? HOWWWW?"

Also, in the second half, we had a really interesting conversation about the shift from radio airplay to internet distribution in the music industry. Or at least, I thought it was really interesting.

(Audio samples: In which I admit that I am, in fact, a "Twilight blogger" [1:02]; Angel wings and glaucoma [1:40].)

First batch of Twilight/15M icons: there's already 40+ and I haven't even dealt with the meadow yet. (There's a lot of movie stills and caps out there, and I find it really relaxing to faff around making icons, so... indulge me. And take whatever you want, make your own, I'll link them here, two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.) Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

So... that was my Tuesday. I don't think I'll be doing linkspam today (I didn't do it last night either, did I?). It's Thanksgiving week, not a lot of people (well, not a lot of Americans) are online, not a whole lot is happening, and I want to post here in some capacity every day because I've had a perfect-attendance streak for two or three months now, but I'm going to take it easy and try to rest a little. I don't know--I just feel so drained (insert your own vampire joke here) from the last week or so. Not in a bad way--just like I need time to recharge.

(Oh, by the way, I forgot to link this here: enjoy screencaps of Movie!Bella's brief kinky old-fashioned vampire movie fantasy.)

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