December 5th, 2008



Okay. I know that putting your shit out onto the internet means that you essentially can't control what people do with it, even if YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL THEM TO STOP, BY THE WAY. But "Twilight in Fifteen Minutes" is now floating around on MySpace without my name on it, which I should have expected, quite honestly, but putting in "© 2008 Cleolinda Jones" invisitext is a pain in the ass and it annoys people, so I didn't do it this time. Well, I've gone back and put it in. So if you read Tw/15M now and highlight something and see the invisitext and it annoys you, well, this is why we can't have nice things.

It's also really, really funny when someone copypastes it and runs off all like, "HAI GUYZ I FOUND THIS THING DONT KNO WHERE IT CAME FROM HOPE U LIEK IT" and posts something like this without paying attention:
© 2008 Cleolinda Jones. Please quote or link back, do not repost.
BELLA: Oh, wow, I spent like $60 at Sephora trying to get sparkle like that. What is that, Urban Decay?
I've actually seen that with a couple of the Harry Potter 15Ms, in fact.

(You know what makes me mad? Not that they made off with my shit, because that's what people do and it's not really very surprising. It makes me mad because it's like, come on, I know you know better. I've made it abundantly clear that I am politely asking you not to do that. And if you got it from someone else who didn't credit me, well, they should have known better. You wouldn't want someone to do that with your shit, so why would you do it with my shit? I just really have not wrapped my mind around the notion that people on the intertubes do not have any common sense, I guess, and you'd think that after ten years I would have come to terms with that, but no.)

(Oh, and by the way? There was a Creative Commons graphic/license on that thing from the moment I posted it. See how very terribly effective they are?)

(MySpace. Why did it have to be MySpace? Of course it was MySpace.)

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Maybe I should have used this icon for my rant instead

The tree is up! And Sister Girl and her boyfriend are coming over to help decorate it tonight! Thus, linkspam will be early.

Oh, and I had a request to syndicate my ever-so-scintillating Twitter feed, so... here it is: cleotwitter. (Deeply fascinating sample Twit: "Aaaaand the new Britney song has eaten my brain. Well, it's not like Twilight left me with all that much of one anyway.")

From punzerel: "reqbat is pledging to donate 100% of her etsy proceeds in the next week to UNICEF, specifically for emergency relief of the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe. She has some very cool items (check out the doorknob hangers, especially) which would make awesome stocking stuffers or gifts. Would you be willing to post a link in your next linkspam post? Her post here has all the information plus a link to her shop. Thank you!"

Sci-fi’s grand old man Forrest J. Ackerman dies.

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