December 22nd, 2008


Random thoughts

1) ¡¡MOAR SHOPPING!! And we are still desperately searching for things to give my stepfather.

2) I am still full from lunch at Cocina Superior, and I may never eat again. It's over at Brookwood--I believe it's From the People Who Brought You Superior Grill? So the margaritas there are also made with fresh lime juice and the salsa is excellent and the cheese dip is fantastic.

(No, I did not actually have a margarita. But I should have.)

3) Nothing kills your aisle-dancing buzz like the in-store music changing from Belinda Carlisle's "Mad About You" to Sarah McLachlan's "Angel." That song does not have a beat and you cannot dance to it.

(Yes, I am to a point now where I will dance and sing in public with minimal shame. But very quietly, so that if I run into another shopper I can easily downshift into Just Bopping Along with the Song mode. If I just look crazy in a quiet, absentminded, Luna Lovegood kind of way, I'm okay with that.)

4) ARRRRRGHHHHHH PBWIKI IS MAKING EVERYONE UPGRADE TO 2.0. (Technically I could have waited until February, but--why not go ahead and face the inevitable?) This means that everything will look a bit wonky until I straighten out the formatting. Apparently all my blockquoting is screwed now (THANKS, PBWIKI).

(Eh. Maybe this is my opportunity to go through and redo a lot of stuff in a more uniform style, the way I've wanted to for a while. And I will say, the new version is more WYSIWYG, easier to use, and doesn't involve code. But still, you know. I fear change. And all pages with Table of Contents codes have to be manually tweaked, I just realized, which is why some of the shortcut links aren't working at the moment.)

(I'm also looking into disabling the comment function on the wiki pages, because you know what? That is just one more thing I don't have the fortitude to deal with.)

5) And finally, word has come in from McRachel that she has, in fact, escaped the sucking void of the Aiport Dimension. Huzzah!

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