December 26th, 2008

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A quiet day

So my great-uncle on my mother's side passed away yesterday. He had been ill for a long time. I think mostly what I feel is regret that I didn't know him better--he lived in another state, but I really liked him, and he was always very sweet to me when he visited. So... there's that. I mean, I'm okay and everything; obviously it's his immediate family, my mother's cousins, who are really grieving right now. I'm just kind of sad.

(I also think I'm coming down with something. I mean, maybe not; I've felt kind of rundown for a week or so, but nothing distinct has turned up. And yesterday was kind of a full day.)

I feel kind of weird being like, "But I want to keep posting journal entries anyway." I don't know. Short of some illness or event rendering me totally incapable of functioning, posting makes me feel better. I'm only going to very light linkspams for a while and put everything else on FriendFeed, just because I don't feel up to much more than that at the moment (besides, it's the holidays anyway, which is stressful enough), but--I guess I don't want it to look weird that I say I'm sad in one sentence and then link movie news in another. It's a coping thing, is what I'm saying. If I do feel like doing it, I need to be able to, because it's better than just sitting around feeling emo.

(I tried to group some FriendFeed links by subject yesterday--share-post all the minor 'Valkyrie' links in a row and then the 'Benjamin Button' ones, but for some reason it all ended up as an indiscriminate jumble. I'm working on what I need to do to avoid that, but I'm not sure. Again, though, the FF thing isn't something I want to do as a permanent linkspam replacement, because it's just not as fun. But it is a good way to keep myself from drowning in a backlog of links; I've already put a few more up. If anything I deem significant comes up, I'll post it here.)

So I'm going to curl up with a book now, although I don't know whether to finish the one I'm on right now or start the new Stephen King collection.

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why you do this

So that just happened

Aaaaand our fridge just exploded in a cascade of half-melted ice. I don't know what happened. I opened the freezer door to get the ice cream and a waterfall fell out, that's all I know.

I have to say, I really admire 2008's dedication to sucking, all the way up to the very last second.


There. I feel better now.

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