January 2nd, 2009



I was the one who had to wait for the pizza to be delivered because my mother was otherwise occupied: "I AM GOING TO BE WATCHING THE SUGAR BOWL!" And I was like, what? Why? What the hell do you expect it to do?

I'm not allowed downstairs for the duration of the game now.

Things I did today that were awesome: Actually got off the computer and read a book. Well, most of one; I'll finish the rest of it tonight. Also, stayed off the Dew. Have a slight headache now, but that may be more from reading. I'm also mulling over writing that tarot-based short story collection I've had in mind--that's what the "Strength" in the title here refers to--but that'll probably take years to come to fruition. But it's fun thinking about it.

(Wow. The headache is more than "slight" now.)

gfrancie mentioned an unclutter_2009 comm that I liked the idea of, so today's decluttering effort: Threw away a beauty product given to me by someone who turned out to be crazy. I can't really elaborate on the situation beyond that, except that said item has been on a back shelf for about two years drying out anyway, and now that bad juju's out my house.

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