January 11th, 2009

galadriel doll

Double trouble

You know how I said I had a few things I bought a while back--like, years ago--with the intention of eventually putting them on eBay like an asshat reseller and I just never did, partly because I didn't have a camera to take pictures and partly because I'm a little afraid I'll do it wrong or something? (This is a huge fear in general of mine, "doing it wrong.") You know, so I could at least get Cheap-Ass Edward Dollen and a Faramir for Eowyn? And I found some doll weapons on the cheap that I think the girls would like. And money's tight (for everyone, really), so I feel kind of bad just blowing it on dolls, but--I was rooting around in that nook between the bookshelf and the TV cabinet where I stockpiled a few things, and--I found something I forgot I even had. Even though I'm sure I look at it every day. I'd just stopped seeing it, you know? And really, if I sell a doll in order to buy another doll, it's more like an exchange, isn't it? That's not so bad, right?

So I put "Sell doll on eBay" on my LJ to-do list. This proved to be my undoing. Collapse )

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