January 20th, 2009

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Yes, we can have nice things

So I spent the day watching the inaugural coverage like it was my job, because I was terrified that someone was going to blow something up, and--you know me and my superstitious tendencies towards magical thinking: if I watch the whole thing expecting something terrible to happen, it won't. (Clearly, I have this power.) So I turned on NBC shortly before nine, right when the Obamas arrived for Coffee with the Outgoing President, and then I stuck with it all day, although I wandered away during the luncheon. Which was, of course, when the Breaking News Event happened.

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A momentous occasion

Re: the Twilight Tonners: MOAR/NEW PICTURES! I'm kind of liking the Bella resemblance here. And then, there's... this horror. Seriously. Oh my God. What.

We're going to pretend we never saw that. All of us, okay? That didn't happen.

So my sister came over to do some artsy-craftsy stuff on Monday, and while she was testing out her ink stamps, the doorbell rang and since I was upstairs, she went to get it. "You have an empty box," she says. Well, she's joking, but it's this gigantic box that's almost featherweight because whatever's inside it is much smaller and lighter than you would expect and I think I'm rambling because I haven't had my Drixoral yet, but the point is, I open the box and it's from an Amazon third-party seller because one of y'all (thank you so much, byshinyobjects!) has sent me a Faramir.

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