January 27th, 2009


Argh, no title

I forgot to mention this earlier, but since a few people asked--you actually can get the Movies in Fifteen Minutes book in paperback off Amazon UK for a lot less than the hardback, which seems to mostly be in the hands of the Asshat Resellers now (God bless us, every one). What's £5.99 these days--$8.48? And you can get it used for £2.99 (even from a business perspective, I'm more concerned with people reading the book than whatever slim royalties I might lose from secondhand sales). Whereas the hardback now seems to only sell used from £31 and up. So, in conclusion: if you want to get the book cheap, the paperback has a different cover and a slightly different title, but it's the same thing.

Meanwhile, the Awesomeness Initiative is flagging somewhat, mostly because the cold weather is making me sluggish. One of my favorite things to do when it's cold--and the sheer amount of time I spend doing this is a major failing of mine--is curl up on the couch under a pile of blankets while the dogs argue over who gets to lie on my feet. As a means of jumpstarting my lazy ass, I've started asking myself what Barack Obama would do, and then I realized that's not going to work because he would just tell Rahm Emanuel to take care of it while he did something more presidential, like fix the economy with the power of his mind from his Fortress of Solitude. So then I started asking myself what Michelle Obama would do. Put on her Jimmy Choos and kick some ass, that's what Michelle Obama would do. I think this would look very good printed on a rubber bracelet, in fact.

(This is why I will never be a good role model. What would Cleolinda do? Curl up on her couch and... watch shitty movies on cable. POW!)

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