February 1st, 2009


A few quick things

First things first: Super Bowl movie commercials that have already leaked: Collapse )

And thus ends my involvement with anything having to do with the Super Bowl. Call me if they get Prince to come back.

Re: MyLeaky: The "favorite ship" question has been fixed so you can, in fact, input an answer, and they have a place for you to describe what kind of wand you want to have. Collapse )

Re: Kylie videos: I went poking around YouTube and found a few other things. Such as this live performance of "In Your Eyes" (my other favorite Kylie song) on the Showgirl tour. This is definitely a woman who knows her audience, let me just put it that way.

I can't find the video in any kind of quality worth a damn, but here's the official "In Your Eyes" video. It is also pretty trippy, although I can't decide if it would be more or less trippy if I could actually see what was going on.

Back to "Love at First Sight," here's a slightly different, American version of the video. "You know what the Americans would love? AN AIRPLANE."

And here's "Come Into My World," which several people expressed a fondness for.

Meanwhile, cleojones brings us Swing Out Sister's "Break Out." Hee.

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I lied

There are a couple of Super Bowl-related things I am willing to truck with, and they are 1) Li'l Smokies wrapped in bacon* and 2) Puppy Bowl.

* That said, you have to draw a line at what things you wrap in bacon. I would not be able to handle this.

Also: Here's the Transformers commercial that was pulled from YouTube.

Also-also: There are so many things I don't understand about this question.

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