February 3rd, 2009


So late!

Sorry--my sister came over (to wash clothes in preparation for her NYCC trip) and we were catching up and I'm desperately behind.

Today's scandal: Stephen King says ‘Twilight’ author ‘can't write.’ OH SNAP.

(And the wank is already delightful.)

Yesterday's scandal: A transcript of Christian Bale's meltdown; the surprisingly danceable remix; More Christian Bale Fun: McG Prophecies, Flip-Hop Remixes, and a Soundboard! Y'all, I hope that, someday, if I lose my shit at top volume for almost four minutes solid, and I happen to be miked, and a recording happens to leak, that the losing of my shit brings the internet as much joy as Christian Bale's has brought to us. God bless.

(In his defense: archnemesis Shane Hurlbut is "a pretty unrepentant light tweaker." This is my new favorite insult. Meanwhile: Gawker begs to differ. In conclusion: there's plenty of fail to go around!)

(Bonus: The Christian Bale Accent Generator.)

Today's Snack Deathmatch: Cadbury vs. Cadbury.

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