March 4th, 2009

sin city

Big trailers! No whammies!

Got some good links tonight--full Public Enemies and Wolverine trailers in there. And I'll have another post up shortly.

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galadriel doll

Settling in

Since I posted two entries so close together--Wolverine and Public Enemies trailers are back thataway.

Still working on icons--I hadn't made any in forever, so I'm way behind. Oh, and I'd forgotten to take a decent picture of the lamesauce Cullen Crest medallion that came with The Littlest Edward (it doesn't even have a pin or a chain! I can't even hang it off the shelf or anything! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS), so... there you are.

Also: As mentioned on Twilight Lexicon, apparently someone else's NECA Edward figure is having adventures as well.

Also-also: my dolls are officially more popular than I am.

So, to catch you up: Tuesday. Edward started out the day with an avid female audience who treated him like... a living, breathing personality quiz. Of course they all wanted to know which exotic flora he thought they smelled like (well, not Anna; she's been antsy ever since he got here, and at this particular moment she was back behind the printer arguing with Elizabeth, who seemed to be trying to comfort her or calm her down?), and of course having to go sniff strange women was exactly what a prim sparklepire like Edward wanted to do on his second day here. Collapse )

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