March 12th, 2009

marie sleep

Just so you know

The kind of things I post on Twitter:

cleolinda OW MIGRAINE. And tons of weird-ass dreams last night.

cleolinda Had a dream where I pulled Catwoman/Sienna Miller down off a domed ceiling with a grappling hook. Clive Owen complimented me on my spycraft.

cleolinda The password was "Ouvios." Mulder and Scully may have also been there, I'm not sure.

cleolinda Had another dream where I was a deputy of some sort trying to stop a madman from blowing something up/spreading a plague.

cleolinda Heroically I succeeded--the clue was, "The antidote is where the fluids are." We all searched the waterfront, then I had the brilliant idea

cleolinda to search the cleaning supply cabinet. My imaginary dream doctor husband was very proud of me. He was guarding the lepers.

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