March 17th, 2009

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The headlines are changing by the moment, but the current word from Gawker/Jezebel and the NY Post is that Natasha Richardson was in critical condition, was briefly reported as having passed away, and is now said to be "brain dead and not expected to survive" after a skiing accident.

ETA: TMZ gives hope, says only sedated? As tacky and intrusive as the TMZ informants tend to be, that's why they also tend to be right. More later, I guess.

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msauvage purple

Man, I needed that laugh

Let's have something a little more cheerful while we're waiting on a reliable Natasha Richardson update. Vanity Fair restages West Side Story as a photoshoot:
Vanity Fair really hit it on the nose with the casting. The 22-year-old Brazilian beauty [Camilla Belle] received help from Tony (Ben Barnes, also known as Prince Caspian), Anita (Jennifer Lopez), Bernardo (Rodrigo Santoro) and fellow Sharks played by Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder) and Jay Hernandez (Grindhouse, Ladder 49). The Jets are played out by Chris Evans (Riff) and Cam Gigandet (The O.C., Twilight), Drake Bell (Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh), and Robert Pattinson (Twilight).
Suddenly that crack I made about "a Jets and Sharks rumble breaking out" seems weirdly prescient. Full gallery here.

ETA: Hi-res versions of two pics, tell me if you find the others.

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And now, to dinner

And somehow, I've managed to get behind on the linkspam again. (I'm behind on most of everything, actually, comments and emails included. Fnarr.)

From rachie203: "My friend is running on a race to raise money for Neurofibromatosis research. As someone who experiences this she has had to go through a number of surgeries to have tumors removed, and she's definitely not the only one. It's a great cause and I'd love to see the some good money raised. Her personal fundraising page can be found at, and the main event site can be found at"

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