March 25th, 2009



Y'all, think good Findy Thoughts for a package UPS claims was delivered Monday but WAS NOT. This is BAD. You WANT ME to receive this.

Meanwhile: your Lost discussion entry.

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Rainy day, rainy night

Spent a nasty rainy day baking six dozen cookies for Mom's work lunch meeting tomorrow. Pretty nice, actually.

Also, that package that went missing? UPS Twitter Dude showed up (on Twitter, naturally) to ask if he could help (I guess they use Twitter search to find mentions of "UPS"?), which was great, and then our communication concluded with, my hand to God, "And by the way, your Twilight commentaries are absolutely brilliant. Good work." I could not stop laughing. Oh my God, I am STILL laughing. I mean, it's a lovely compliment, it's just--of all the things I ever expected a customer service professional to say to me? That was not one of them.

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