April 3rd, 2009

galadriel doll


I just did a guest post at geekgirldiva's blog that is, in fact, a new installment of the Secret Life of Dolls. (Full disclosure: links to dolls on Entertainment Earth have my affiliate ID.) It's not one of the "three or four entries" I said I had to get through; rather, it's a lead-in to the next one. Excerpt:

"Who's that in purple?"

"That's, uh...

"I wanna be a catwoman."

Elizabeth pointed to Catwoman's precipitous neckline: "Is that--can you actually see her articulation?"

"Uh... maybe when you're older, Lyra."

ETA: See "More from the Secret Life of Dolls" for another dolls-browsing-dolls entry (I believe this is the first time Elizabeth, one of the dolls considered, is mentioned).

ETA 2: This is as good a time as any--I'm thinking of putting together a Secret Life FAQ, so if you have any questions...

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