April 5th, 2009

galadriel doll

More girl talk

A clarification about props and accessories: I asked y'all to please not send dolls (for a number of reasons), but if you've sent me a prop of some kind, please don't feel bad about that. I don't need people to read this and start sending me buckets of accessories or anything, but those are different to me because 1) they are way, way less expensive; 2) people are often making them by hand, which is really sweet; and 3) they don't require major storyline redirection. I might not be able to immediately use whatever it is (even at that, you can slip props into the background of a photo, so they're easier to incorporate than an entire character), but it's still a nice memento, and I don't have the anxious guilt of Oh my God, that cost a hundred dollars or more. Again, don't take this as an indication that y'all need to go crazy, because I've already dug up tons of stuff to use, but props and accessories are really not problematic for me the way that dolls are. Don't feel bad if you sent something small like that.

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Sunday 'spam

New Secret Life of Dolls thataway. I think we might be able to get to The Package after two more entries. That second entry, though? Ought to be pretty exciting on its own. And keep in mind that the last time I said that, I brought in the My Little Ponies. So keep an eye out for that.

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